Information about editorial

Information about editorial


Juridical scientific and electronic journal – is electronic and scientific professional editorial which was established in 2013 by Law Faculty of Zaporizhzhia National University.

Professional registration: Electronic journal was included to the list of electronic professional editorials of Ukraine.

Priodocoty: 12 times per year

The editorial staff awards articles with DOI

The high theoretical level of scientific generalizations is provided by the work of professional editorial staff which includes Doctors of Law Sciences, Professors, Honoured Lawyer of Ukraine and other countries. Therewith, articles are externally reviewed by the leading specialists in branch of whole Ukraine.

Juridical scientific and electronic journal publishes articles with problematic character which discover the actual problems and questions of juridical sciences, proposals are connected with improvement of national legislation, law science achievement in foreign countries. Article of Constitutional, Civil, Commercial and Procedural, Administrative, Labour, Ecological, Land, Agrarian, Criminal, Criminal and Procedural and others types of law are allowed to the electronic scientific professional editorial

Editorial staff of „Juridical scientific and electronic journal” invites to collaboration of Doctors of Sciences, Candidates of Sciences, Junior Researchers and persons who are also engaged into the scientific activity.